Release 3

So far for release 3, I have been working on preparing the NodeChat repo for my classmates.

I have been working with the owner (Josh) of the repo to get permission’s to the Nodechat repo¬†in this issue. He has been very helpful, I now have the required permission’s to edit the repo and he gave me some direction for the project!

I also had to fix a few things, before everyone forked the repo. I needed to merge my previous PR’s. Josh merged 2 of them. I needed to fix some merge conflicts on the other one, so I did that and I also put up a new PR that fixed a few bugs that were created by the merges and update the readme here.

The repo is now in a state that my classmate’s can start working on it. I posted a few issue’s up for people to work on, I am going to add a few more soon. Josh gave some ideas i need to look into.

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